Magic for children and adults

Simo Aalto is a true Northerner. His home lies close to the Polar Circle, where the stars twinkle brightly and the northern lights are flaming in the winter. So you can say that he has got magic in his blood.

FISM World Champion

He entered the Finnish conjuring circles very surprisingly, exactly as the theme itself implies. In a competition arranged in television he took all the other conjurers by surprise, winning the Cup for Conjurer of the Year. In the Nordic Championships 1985-1990 he won the close-up competitions. In  Lausanne 1991 FISM competition he got the 3rd prize and in Dresden 1997 2nd prize in close ups and finally World Championship in close-up magic in Lisbon 2000. 

Simo has performed and lectured all over the world with his winning act "Arctic Bells". His original ideas and charming performing makes him very popular artist among other magicians and also lay man. 

Renowed children's entertainer, twenty years in TV

Conjurers of Simo's calibre are not seen very often. His ability to adopt innovations from all over the world and to combine them with local culture in his shows is exceptional. 

Simo's style is curious and positive and the reason is that he is specialised in entertaining children. He has been awarded the State Prize for the Advancement of Children's Culture in 1988. Simo has worked for Finnish TV  twenty years making as well children`s shows as close-up for adults. With his wife Kirsti he tours Finland with his Family show Jokeri Pokeri Box! (= Simo`s Magic Words)

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